TelGas IT solutions and engineering

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Our experienced team of graduate engineers have an expert knowledge of customer projects.

We deliver turnkey solutions optimised to provide high efficiency and reliability together with powerful management information tools.

Our background

Industrial IT, Instrumentation, Control systems



Formac Electronics was established in 1981 and since that time it has been committed to providing dynamic and innovative solutions for the needs of industry. From the early days, Formac has focussed on delivering high technology solutions for coal mining and gas monitoring sectors worldwide.

Since 1998 Formac has specialised in two key areas:

  • Control systems which handle the extraction and utilisation of methane gas from abandoned and working mines
  • Design and supply of the TelGas IT system, delivering management and engineering information for a wide range of environmental and energy projects

Formac has established a wholly owned subsidiary in China with the aim of serving the thriving local market. Formac China is currently focussing on environmental monitoring projects including PM 2.5 monitoring while continuing to work with its international partners on clean energy generation and CDM projects.

Continued development of the TelGas system by Formac Electronics in the UK is central to our strategic plans. Formac is also pursuing adjacent markets such as energy saving projects where the technology requirements are very similar to those of environmental monitoring projects. Our web based TelGas technology gives us the opportunity to offer highly effective management information solutions across a wide range of applications and industries and we are seeking expert partners to exploit these new fields.